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Jiangsu Tieke new material  co.,ltd was established in September 2000, professional development and production of polymer composite materials and rubber products, mainly engaged in railway locomotive vehicle antifriction, damping and the application of the sealing technology research and industrial production, is the ministry of railways fixed-point enterprise, 2006, 2009 was rated as high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province, relevant national preferential policies.

In recent years, the company seize railway leap-forward development of the historical opportunity, around the key technology of truck speed up reform, and his car group technology center, railway academy of sciences, the quartet and other scientific research units work closely together, leading research and development the overloading of inclined wedge with high polymer composite materials for the speed increased freight car main friction plate, cross sustaining device elastic polyester elastic cushion, high coefficient of friction abrasion side bearing plate, heart plate abrasion wear plate, brake beam slide block set, the double effect of elastic side bearings and axial series rubber mat, slow truck hook system engineering plastic wear parts (coupling beam, hook tail box, buffer, from board of 8 kinds of abrasion, traction beam plate), bogie bolster eight literally vice friction plate with high polymer composite material, large-tonnage truck with a batch of new products, such as the axle box rubber pad for more than 20 national invention and utility model patents, and approved by the ministry of railways transport armaments department designated production, and according to the higher requirement to transfer technology to more than 20 accessories factory production.

My company is also engaged in wind turbine components development and production of series of elastic support, in 2007 invested a lot of research and development funds and technical force, was developed for the success of 1.5 MW and 2.0 MW wind turbine components series elastic support, to replace imported similar products abroad.

My company with military units to maintain good relations of cooperation, has developed a variety of armored vehicle accessories with high polymer material, has been put into batch production, and a batch of new projects in development.

Company recently invested a lot of technical strength for the market research, the proposed engineering plastic, polymer materials and rubber used in ships, military industry, oil field. The company is committed to ships, military, oil field oil field, lead abrasion damping technology innovation and development.